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The modern business is powered by web apps. Whether we are working in-person or remotely, web apps help us do tasks quickly and effectively. These include marketing and customer support solutions. The following information on web applications includes some fantastic web app examples to show the potential of these tools.


Most likely, if you use the Internet, you have utilized a variety of web applications. Web application design examples include Airbnb, Spotify, Uber, DoorDash, and Canva. Interactive computer program is known as web applications or web apps. In contrast to computer-based apps, which run locally on the end user’s workstation, they operate on a remote server. With an Internet connection, a web browser may access them. Web apps are most commonly used when you use your laptop to perform tasks like checking your email, shopping online, or accessing your banking accounts.


Web apps help businesses and their customers communicate with one another in two directions. They might exist on their own or perhaps as a component of a bigger website. An example of a straightforward web application is a contact form, where a user submits data to join a company’s mailing list. A shopping cart and a content management system are further examples of web apps that can either be a standalone page or a component of a larger website. Web apps can exchange data with any device and perform a range of tasks, such as creating reports, editing images, and performing calculations.


There are various categories of dynamic web apps, and they can have one or more pages. They can have a wide range of design and functionality features, including animations, portal access, content management systems, and e-commerce. They could also be progressive web apps (PWA), which combine the speed and mobile adaptability of web apps with the user experience of mobile apps. Below, various categories of web applications have been listed.


  • Progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • Static web apps
  • Single-page apps
  • Multi-page apps
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Animated web apps


There are many great examples of best web apps available. Here is a ranking of the top ten.


The objective of this PWA launch was to sign up new users for the free version who would later upgrade to the premium version after experiencing Spotify’s amazing product. They didn’t even need to seek for the link because the ability to distribute or embed an interactive playlist generated a lot of attention for the revamped app.

2. G-MAIL:

The most well-known email service created by Google is Gmail. Numerous features are available, including as compatibility with Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. This app’s user-friendly functions and simple UI have contributed to its success. Additionally, it has a multitude of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integrations and is free to use. The most complicated instrument in the business world today is email. Gmail is remains the industry’s oldest email service, despite all of its infrastructure. People all across the world use Gmail, and demand is only increasing.


One of the best video streaming services, Netflix, is a web program that requires a subscription. There are more than 221 million paid subscribers in more than 190 nations. For streaming movies and television shows online, the site offers several features. Like other online program, it is available from a variety of hardware and operating systems. A mobile app is also available for Netflix. The business uses a web app as a terrific illustration of what a perfect content producer should look like. You could say that Netflix started a “streaming revolution” because in less than 20 years, it has become our go-to source for the majority of our entertainment.


The major eastern rival of Amazon was unable to acquire enough native app downloads. The store’s new progressive web app, which offered an installation-free experience that felt the same on desktop and mobile, assisted with market adaption in more than 230 countries. Following that, in March 2020, AliExpress saw a 132% increase in the number of international customers.


The largest creative network in the world for exhibiting and discovering creative work is called Behance. With the help of this online application, web designers can display portfolios of their visual work, including graphic design, illustration, photography, and more. The web app has a beautiful appearance and functions flawlessly. The graphics and navigation are aesthetically pleasant and simple, and the application has a great design. The UX is excellent as a result of the clean and simple design. The information provided is of excellent quality and is presented in a professional manner on the web app. Similar to Pexel, Behance organises projects nicely without adding complexity or complication to the user experience.


The web app from Airbnb is one of the best ones out there. Web designers and developers were able to produce a more user-friendly design that loads quickly and reduces the web app’s bounce rate. The user experience is uniform, using complementary colors and typefaces to highlight key elements of the website. On Airbnb, there are countless residences and lodging options. But the clever use of whitespace and modular design allows customers to navigate quickly and easily.


A word processing program for the Android platform is called Google Docs. Google Drive, which debuted in April 2012, has it. The program allows users to create or modify text, Microsoft Word, and PDF files. Google Docs also creates an online version of your document that you can share with others. Files are saved to Google Drive. You may also watch, create, and edit presentations using Google Slides. Users can create and modify documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, drawings, and presentations online using the Google Docs software package. One effective online tool that may be utilized for business is Google Docs.


One of the most attractive web applications on the market is Canva. It’s amazing how they convey messages and elicit emotions using colour schemes, typefaces, and visuals. Canva’s images and templates are all expressive and effectively convey the spirit of the business. Canva is one of the easiest platforms to use and has one of the most features and templates to offer despite this.


Pinterest is well-known for being a platform for social networking and image sharing that enables users to download and find images, GIFs, and videos right in their pinboards. Businesses are even using the Pinterest web app to boost blog traffic and create new leads.


One of the biggest online shopping sites in the world is Amazon. It is also the biggest online retailer of books and other commodities in the entire world. Amazon also offers a membership called Amazon Prime, which comes with extra perks like free 2-day shipping on a few items. It is a huge corporation that is ranked number one in the world and one of many top brands. The most crucial fact about Amazon is that it is a business. Amazon carries so many products that it is hard to comprehend how it grew to be so big.


Web applications are without a doubt the way to go. Progressive web apps are becoming more and more popular, and many businesses that opted for this solution reported an increase in engagement and income after deploying them. It is merely the beginning, as the aforementioned cases show. All of the big players are actively promoting it as a new standard. It might eventually even take the place of native mobile applications. For developing a good web application you must consider the top web development companies in USA, so that you can have an amazing web application for your business. Being proactive, you should think about spending your money on a web app rather than a site that is mobile-friendly.

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