TypeScript and JavaScript

Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript

  • January 30, 2023
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JavaScript was originally designed to be a client-side programming language. However, when developers began using JavaScript, they realized it could also be used as a server-side programming language. With this new development, JavaScript has gained popularity and is now one of the most popular languages on the Internet. In order to solve the problem of JavaScript code being too heavy in itself, multiple workarounds were attempted. One of those was JSX which had to be used with another language called CoffeeScript. An alternative solution called the Elm programming language was also developed. These were all unsuccessful, but there came a time when the idea of creating a new language was first conceived. This new project, named TypeScript, aimed to bridge this gap between JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming languages.

Features of TypeScript:

JavaScript Code is converted into Plain TypeScript Code :

Web browsers cannot directly interpret typeScript code. Instead, you must use transpilers like Babel to transform your TypeScript into JavaScript that browsers can understand. The first time a user sees your JavaScript, it will be transpiled from TypeScript, resulting in slow page load times and decreased performance.


JavaScript is TypeScript:

Whenever you write code in TypeScript, the compiler automatically converts it back and forth so that you can use any JavaScript code in your project. That means you can use all the tools and tools of JavaScript and its libraries.


Use TypeScript anywhere:

TypeScript can be compiled to run on multiple browsers and operating systems. TypeScript is not specific to any single environment like JavaScript.


TypeScript supports JS libraries:


TypeScript is an open-source programming language designed to help developers write software applications. TypeScript can be used to develop client applications and desktop, server, or cloud applications that interact with JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript:

  • With JavaScript, you can create objects and manage data however you want. But TypeScript is a strict compiler that forces you to use class-based systems.
  • TypeScript has static typing, a feature where all variables have a specific type, such as a Number or String. JavaScript does not support this feature.
  • The interfaces in JavaScript are not supported. TypeScript supports all the features of JavaScript with added features, like Interfaces and Generics.

Advantages of using TypeScript over JavaScript

  • TypeScript has a compiler, which is a lot more advanced than JavaScript (which is less). TypeScript compiles your code right before it runs and doesn’t leave any validation errors during runtime. It points out compilation errors, which is a great feature for debugging code. This can help developers avoid troubleshooting a bug at run time.
  • TypeScript supports static/strong typing. This means that type correctness can be tested at compile time! The JavaScript language doesn’t support static/strong typing, so we must rely on the good intentions of our developers to ensure type safety.
  • Typescript is an open-source programming language for better development than JavaScript, which is already powerful. The TypeScript supports almost all features of ES6 and also transpiles it into ES3, ES4, and ES5 while compiling the source code

Disadvantages of using TypeScript over JavaScript

  • TypeScript compiles the code comparatively slower than JavaScript warmly.


In the end, after going through all the insights we have curated in this article, both languages have pros and cons. JavaScript is more flexible than TypeScript, so if you are a javascript developer wanting to make it more object-oriented, you should use TypeScript. But if you want to use javascript and add more structure on top of it, you should take a look at TypeScript.

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